Meet Juerg

The artist behind Black Maple Studio is Juerg Salzgeber (pronounced: Yurg Salz'gehber).  He is a cabinet maker who began to learn his trade at the age of 16 in his home country of Switzerland and became a journeyman before the age of 20.  Soon thereafter he married Esther and together they immigrated to Canada in 1985.  In 1988, they settled in Canmore and began raising their six children.

During this time, Juerg worked for his brother's company, Canmore Woodcrafter's Ltd.  Then in 1995, Juerg began his own woodworking and installation business operating out of his garage.  After buying an older home in 1998, Juerg began an ongoing project of renovations and enhancements that allowed his creative streak to flourish.

Black Maple Studio is the culmination of Juerg's many years of experience and innovation in woodwork. Having an artistic personality, mixed with his Swiss woodcraft background, it’s no surprise that his work has been so highly requested and received by clients looking for a custom, personal touch to their home.